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Have you ever played the racing game, Mario Cart?

I`m really into this game these days, but I always can`t decide which characters I should choose.

Should I choose the standard Mario, who runs pretty fast?

Or Kuppa that runs powerful?

Or Kinopio that has good control?

Just like the characters in Mario cart, bicycles also has characteristics.

Thus it`s really hard to choose the one that fits you the best.

For those who are looking for e-bikes (and of course for those who are not)

from the various line-ups, today I would like to introduce 3 most recommending e-bikes from Panasonic.

The first bicycle I will introduce is Vivi DX.

This is the best-selling model; it`s function, battery capacity fits to any kinds of people.

It`s perfect for daily shopping, and for everyday pick-up.

If you compare Vivi Dx with the Mario Cart characters, I think ViVi DX is like Mario.

Meaning that it`s function and price is very “well-balanced.”

The next bicycle I will introduce is ViVi EX.

This bicycle is the upper rank model out of ViVi line-ups.

Battery capacity and the functions are perfect for those who are planning for a long-ride.

So in Mario Cart, ViVi EX is like Kuppa. He will strongly assist you to your destination.

Last but not least, ViVi TX.

his is a simple model.

The battery capacity is a little bit small compared to ViVi DX and EX,
but this model is perfect for those who uses the bicycle few times a week.

And… the best thing about this bicycle is that the price is very “reasonable”!!

In Mario Cart, I think ViVi TX is like … Kinopio.

Got it?

So… what did you think of our three Mario Cart bicycles, Mario, Kuppa and Kinopio?

They all have different characteristics and it`s hard to choose.

So why not come and check it out?!

Kon`s cycle Momo Terrace sells various kind of bicycle.

We will help you find the bicycle that fits you the best.

We`ll be looking forward to see you at Momo Terrace!




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2021.03.06 通勤・通学におすすめの自転車のご紹介です!
2021.03.04 3/5~3/7 MOMOテラス商品展示会のお知らせ
2021.03.02 コンズオリジナル「コンズラボベローチェカスタム」!!
2021.02.12 panasonic VIVI DX 限定カラー入荷!!
2021.02.10 春目前!生活応援セール!!ただいま開催中!!!
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2021.01.31 チャイルドシート取り付け可能な電動自転車のご紹介です!
2021.01.30 必見!子乗せ自転車もカスタムをエンジョイしましょう☆彡
2021.01.26 リアシートカスタムしてみました!!
2021.01.23 「24の日(西の日)セール」
2021.01.18 24インチおしゃれ子乗せ電動!
2021.01.17 ☆新商品入荷のお知らせ☆
2021.01.13 【新感覚】ストライダースキーアタッチメント❄
2021.01.06 BOOST U 1day EXPERIENCE PROGRAM 蛸薬師店にて期間限定無料レンタサイクル開始!!
2021.01.03 2021年ニューイヤーセール!!!
2021.01.02 ☆目玉特価商品☆
2020.12.30 MOMOテラスオススメ紹介!~電動子乗せ編~
2020.12.28 ☆MOMOテラス限定福袋☆
2020.12.22 HYDEE.Ⅱカスタム車のご紹介です!
2020.12.17 大人気軽量電動アシスト自転車!!
2020.12.17 🎄クリスマスプレゼントにバナナはいかが!?🎄
2020.12.10 12/12(土)・13(日) MOMOテラス 電動アシスト車大試乗祭 のご案内!
2020.11.30 オススメ子供車のご紹介です!
2020.11.29 こども自転車 展示販売&試乗イベント開催中❕❕



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